The Bucket List

MLD progresses rapidly. We cannot control the disease but we can make Daniel's time as joyous as possible. Over the next few months while Daniel can enjoy the most, we have a jam-packed schedule.

My sisters-in law Ashley and Kendra first came up with the idea of a bucket list. It was a brilliant idea. Our community, friends, and family have embraced it as the way to best help our little sunshine.

Kendra put together a GoFundMe site and a Facebook page. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support we have received. The GoFundMe site has been a runaway success and because of it, we will be able to do everything on the list and even add to it. Thank you everyone for bringing this joy into our lives at a time of great sorrow. 

The Bucket List:
Places to Visit

Ocean City, MD
Ocean City, NJ (Scheduled for mid-August)
Longwood Gardens (Scheduled for August 25)
Baltimore Aquarium (Done!)
Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia (Done!)
Baltimore Science Center  (Done!)
Disneyworld  (Done!)
Rocky Gap, MD  (Done!)
Day Out with Thomas, Strasbourg Railway  (Done!)
Dutch Wonderland  (Done!)
Hershey Park  (Done!)
Niagara Falls (Done!)
Train ride in the Canadian Rockies (Scheduled for early September)
Diggerland USA (Scheduled for mid-October)
Sesame Place (Scheduled for mid-October)


Feed ducks  (Done!)
Fly a kite
Walk in the rain 
Splash in a puddle
Mud pie
Play with food coloring in water
Play with a lite bright  (Done!)
Make snow cones
Watch Annie the musical 
Finger paint  (Done!)
Fill a room with balloons (Done!)
Catch lighting bugs  (Done!)
Ride the Metro
Ride the Western Maryland Railroad  (Done!)
Play in sprinkler 
Slip n slide (Done!)
Helicopter ride  (Done!)
Small airplane ride (Scheduled for August)
Hot air balloon (Scheduled for sometime in August)
Water-gun fight  (Done!)
Costume party 
Roller coaster  (Done!)
See a sunrise 
Horseback riding (Scheduled for August)
Construction site tour  (Done!)
Throw glitter in the air (Done!)
Spend a few hours watching planes and helicopters come in and out 
See a sunset
Play on a firetruck  (Done!)
Go-karts  (Done!)
Hide-n-seek  (Done!)
Play on a working train 
Fishing  (Done!)
Wave flags at Rolling Thunder  (Done!)
Random act of kindness
ATV ride  (Done!)
Putt putt 
Keys' baseball game/firework night  (Done!)
Ice hockey game  (Done!)
Pizza and Pretzel creations 
Movie night in the front yard (Scheduled for September 27th)
Go to the range with dad    

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